The power of system integration

A familiar interface, touch screen and intuitive usage, saves time, speeds up the learning curve and instantly gets your staff going. In addition, you can integrate alarms, notifications, e-mail, voice calls, building management, fire alarms, nurse call systems and many more - all right out of the box via Apps or thru the messaging server that comes as a part of the solution.​

No internet connection required

Safe and secure solutions do not rely on 3rd party infrastructure for operations, SMART1 is no different as it uses both modern and traditional technologies for what they are good at. The SMART1 solution connects to a local network and to a Wi-Fi network if you require it.  The priority is always stability, availability and the safety of staff.

The dedicated alarm button and built in precise location technology will keep your staff safe in distressing situations. The familiar interface combined with physical buttons is probably the best of two worlds for an all encompassing solution. The charging stations are designed for ease of use and with plenty of optional accessories, then there's a solution for virtually every situation.

Critical parts, such as wireless voice, alarms and messages are separated from the wi-fi network and are on SMART access points, so there's always a critical connection path available in an alarm situation.

Features and functions in the Smart1 can always be setup to our customers' individual needs. Not everyone needs access to a site-wide global contact list, so SMART1 has been designed to synchronise multiple contact lists if required, it's all down to you and the flexibility of the SMART1 configuration. 

The Smart1 DECT handset from Atus Systems

COBS SMART1 - Staff attack protection and so much more!

One device, multiple uses

Our solutions are used by more than 500,000 people on more than 5,000 sites. SMART1 is not a DECT phone, it’s a staff alarm communications device, managed by you to protect and inform your staff.

The SMART1 is a work tool that can be shared by multiple users every day and with no GSM module there’s no monthly bills and no reason for staff to take it home either. The functions of the handset are managed by our quick and easy to use Smart Manager that allows a tailored experience for each individual user and with a range of Apps and accessories it can fulfill virtually every need.

Prevent an emergency

​​The SMART1 handset protects the customer’s most valuable asset, it’s employees.

To protect your staff, it comes complete with features such as precise indoor location, super-fast group calls, a dedicated alarm button, walkie-talkie mode, secure text message and advanced alarm features that are way beyond normal in a standard wireless handset.

The SMART System creates a wireless network in your building providing seamless crystal-clear voice, instant messaging and critical alarms. No monthly fees, no subscription and no mobile networks. SMART1 is robust and durable, made to last in rough environments.

The SMART System includes the following features and options


Equipped with dedicated alarm button and indoor location technology, to empower and protect staff.

HD voice for crystal clear communication. Belt clip or leather pouch options.

SMART Access Point

Dedicated frequencies, interference free channels, seamless handover, alarms and messages. All this is included in one dedicated network.

Desktop Charger

Charger for your desk. Charge your phone and an optional battery simultaneously. As a result, you will never run out of batteries.

Multi Charger

Charge up to four devices and four batteries simultaneously. Desktop style or additional wall mounted.

SMART Manager

An essential part for the system's everyday operations. SMART Manager keeps devices up to date & distributes apps to the right people.

It stores config-files and keeps track of device condition. 


Industrial grade dedicated server for hosting critical applications. 

SMART IoT accessories

Modern tools make use of smarter accessories. Bluetooth location beacons, NFC tags and other smart and tested tools for new applications.

SMART voice accessories

Simplifies communication in certain areas, we create and implement unique user inspired products for specific needs.


The right blend

SMART1 is a cordless phone, a text pager, a walkie-talkie and a smart phone - all in one. The combination of technologies makes SMART1 a powerful tool. The top-display, like you are used to seeing on traditional pagers, is a feature that has been incorporated into the SMART1. Without having to touch the handset it will keep you updated with the most urgent notifications. SMART1 is built for a purpose, the purpose of being robust, always available and keeping you in touch at all times.

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