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Being able to connect in so many different ways and work in so many different locations/environments provides flexibility, but can also complicate the day-to-day reality of notifications, response and decision making. Many manufacturers are incorporating software clients that reside in daily use machinery for monitoring. These systems can report all the information regarding the status of the machine over the Internet. Zipit® can integrate and provide immediate remote notification to your staff, improve operating methods, make timely decisions on out of tolerance conditions, take preventative maintenance action and or quickly respond and troubleshoot the issue. Bottom line, this solution minimizes downtime occurrences.

Improve employee productivity -

It is proven that enhancing productivity is a significant driver that results in greater adoption of communication technologies in the manufacturing unit.

Communicating across manufacturing : Rapid response saves time and money!

Exclusively available in the UK from Atus Systems

Improve Lean Operations through Increased Productivity

The Zipit® critical communication provides real time documented feedback and improved decision making for your management and staff. As your improvement programs evolve and grow; our solution stays connected by providing flexible capabilities such as ownership transfer for logged issues.

Zipit® empowers your leadership team to make decisions while engaging multiple resources through various channels in their resolution efforts. For example, line change over, urgent supply needs and critical maintenance demands can be communicated and executed in seconds so your people can focus on the next task at hand.

Zipit Critical Messaging response table

Regardless of whether you run an individual plant or multi-site plants Zipit® makes it seamless. Rather than operating and maintaining a communications server at each location, you can leverage our web based solution across all your sites. Nothing to install and no hardware to manage!

Minimize Downtime & Save Money by Decreasing Team Response Time — Let The Machines Talk Back!

This is WHY messaging MATTERS

Improving real-time communications between cross functional teams to address line stoppage, reduce equipment repair times, expedite deliveries of supplies, and speed up safety responses.

The actionable items transform manufacturing timelines by removing waste, delay and overhead paging.

The Zipit® solution has measurable and immediate impact on increasing Staff Efficiency, Productivity, Morale and Accountability, which lowers Product Cost, while increasing Quality and Plant Safety.

Zipit® Critical Messaging  -  A solution for almost every sector 

Zipit Confirm and Zipit RAP

How Zipit® Moves the Needle in Manufacturing

For manufacturing teams where every moment is precious, the Zipit® Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ ensures that messages are delivered, recorded, readily available and archived ... within seconds wherever you are.

These environments are fast paced and generally loud environments with mobile employees that need to receive critical information and make quick decisions to improve accuracy and reduce errors. Intense demands being placed on plant managers, technicians and line staff require effective immediate communication to improve safety, supply management and reduce downtime, while increasing staff efficiency and productivity.

Meeting these demands requires a no compromise mobile solution. The decision of which solution to select should not be taken lightly and should be based on RELIABILITY, PERFORMANCE, ACCOUNTABILITY, SECURITY and of course, COST. ​

Zipt Critical Messaging for production lines
Zipit Critical Messaging in the manufacturing sector

With the evolution of wireless technology and cloud-based infrastructure, the Zipit® Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ delivers the easy to use, reliable, cost effective tool your team needs to communicate in your environment, all while providing significant communications improvements across various team members.

Manufacturing - reduce downtime with Zipit® Critical Messaging

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