This is WHY messaging MATTERS!

Being able to reliably count on your staff's responses to critical situations that might range from something as serious as a water leak or a medical situation, to something as basic as a pool towel request, is essential to satisfy­ing your guests.

Exceeding the customer's expecta­tions whilst they are in your care, builds trust and drives loyalty.

Whether you have a single property or a chain of hotels, the Zipit® solution provides the continuity of quality your business demands, without the complexity of other less comprehensive communication platforms.

Zipit® delivers on these capabilities while increasing your effectiveness through elevated accountability in a cost effective solution.

​Improve the guest experience & staff productivity

There's a subtle difference between enjoying your experience and building a memory of excellence when visiting a hotel, restaurant, traveling for business or getting away for the weekend. Innovative communications technologies can help your hospitality business sustain its competitive edge in this competitive economy.

Critical hospitality communications

​​For hospitality teams where every moment is precious, the Zipit® Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ ensures that messages are delivered, recorded and archived…within seconds wherever you are.

Hotels, Restaurants and Casinos are fast moving environments with mobile people who need to receive critical information, make quick decisions, and collaborate with team members in a wide variety of settings. 

The Zipit® Solution has already been integrated with the leading hospitality administrative consoles, including M-Tech’s HotSOS, Guestware and Starwood Preferred Guest just to name a few.
The sophisticated workflow engine that is part of the Zipit® solution enables your staff to continue using the solutions they use every day but also improve their response time to your guests' needs.

With the Zipit® solution’s ability to work with both your internal Wi-Fi and the GSM 4G/3G service, your team is always available throughout your facility. This translates to a more delighted customer as a result of a more efficient team.​

Save time and increase staff efficiency - 

All achieved out of the customer's sight, behind the scenes

Being able to connect in so many different ways and work in so many different locations provides flexibility, but can also complicate the day-to-day reality of collaboration and decision-making.

A guest or colleague urgently trying to contact you might have to leave a voicemail on your office phone, send an email, text or instant message you, before finally reaching you on your mobile phone. ​

Hospitality - Improving the guest experience

Zipit® Critical Messaging  -  A solution for almost every sector 

Hoteliers looking for a cost-effective way of streamlining operations and delivering guest services need to carefully evaluate how they can best take advantage of communication solutions. ​

The Zipit® critical communications solution allows you to communicate across your entire team in a seamless, cost effective integrated manner with full accountability and communication transparency.

​Reshaping the customer experience with improved operations

Zipit®critical communications solutions can help you offer your property and guests the amenities they associate most with a premier hospitality experience. Communicate with your guests while they wait for a room, table or alert them of upcoming events. The Zipit​® solution can help you leverage your existing technology investments such as proprietary software interfaces or currently deployed handset devices.

For single and multi-property owners alike; The Zipit® cloud based infrastructure affords your business the flexibility to manage properties individually or in a consolidated environment. You choose how to manage your communication and you do it without the capital cost of onsite server deployments.

Zipit Messaging and HotSOS

Communicating across hospitality - confirmed faster responses

Exclusively available in the UK from Atus Systems

Zipit Critical Messaging for the hospitality sector
Zipit Wireless Certified Partner

Meeting the demands of your guests to improve guest satisfaction, safety and loyalty, all while simultaneously increasing your staff’s efficiency requires a no compromise mobile solution.

The decision of which solution to select should not be taken lightly and should be based on reliability, performance, accountability, security and of course, cost.

With the evolution of wireless technology and cloud-based infrastructure, the Zipit® Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ delivers the easy to use, reliable, cost effective tool your team needs to communicate across your property, all while providing significant communications improvements across various team members.

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