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Critical Messaging Solution

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From the secure portal, administrators can deploy messages to unlimited groups and update all devices in the field at any time, to the extent that a single message can be sent to multiple users in just a few seconds regardless of where they are, virtually anywhere in the country!*

In the event of lost mobiles, administrators can help locate them, lock the app or even remotely wipe the secure user data. If a user simply leaves their phone at home, they need only log in to the app on another mobile and their data is automatically configured onto that device. Unread messages are retransmitted to the new device and all Zipit® contacts and settings are restored. The solution requires no need for server or network installation. How simple is that?

 * Message receipt depends on network conditions and device availability. Bulk messaging based on processing through the Zipit® Infrastructure.​

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​​​​For healthcare teams where every moment is precious, the Zipit® Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ ensures that messages are delivered, recorded and archived ….. within seconds, wherever you are.

Hospitals are fast moving environments with mobile people who need to receive critical information, make quick decisions and collaborate with team members in a wide variety of clinical settings.

The highly collaborative nature of a clinical team makes secure mobile solutions essential to meet the intense demands being placed on healthcare organisations today. The need to improve patient care, safety, and satisfaction, while increasing efficiency and productivity is essential. Selecting the appropriate strategic investments for these critical communication demands requires an understanding of their reliability, performance, accountability, security and cost. With the evolution of wireless technology and cloud-based infrastructure, the Zipit® Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ delivers the compliant, reliable, cost effective tool you need to communicate across your enterprise.

Zipit Critical Messaging for doctors

Critical Messaging Solution
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Zipit Critical Messaging for healthcare and the NHS

Zipit® Critical Messaging  -  A solution for almost every sector 

Reliable Critical Messaging

Don't be left wondering if your message was delivered! Unreliable pagers are a thing of the past because Zipit® provides a critical messaging system designed to replace outdated pagers with reliable, innovative cloud based technology.

The Zipit® RAP™ (Remote Administration Portal) is an online portal that allows administrators to manage communication functionality, simplify deployment and control platform administration.

This solution enables secure and reliable two-way messaging using an SSLv3, 256 bit AES, transport layer security (TLS)-encrypted channel. It provides delivery confirmation, read receipt, priority-based messaging and alert overrides, helping to ensure reliable delivery with full traceability and accountability.

Users can categorise messages with different alert levels –

  • Mayday Alert

  • High Priority

  • Normal Priority

  • Mailbox Alert

Healthcare Critical Messaging

This is WHY messaging MATTERS!

Transformation of clinical initiatives by removing waste, delay and rework through improved, real-time communication between interdisciplinary teams includes, but is by no means limited to,

reducing D2B times, expediting receipt of time sensitive patient information, lowering meal replacement times and speeding up bed turn over.

The Zipit® solution has a measurable and immediate impact on Patient Care, Safety and Satisfaction, while increasing Staff Efficiency, Productivity and Morale.

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