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A simple solution for when the phone isn't to hand

The Defender Key Fob remote trigger is an alarm button wirelessly connected to the Defender app on the mobile phone. The Defender Remote makes it easy to activate an alarm in any situation, even if the mobile phone is in your pocket, your handbag, or simply out of reach in your briefcase.

The Defender Remote has a monitored connection to the phone allowing audible out of range notifications and discrete vibration confirmations on the phone, so you will always know that the alarm has got through.

Put the Defender Remote key fob on your keys and you're not sure where they are?

You can even locate the fob by triggering the "find Defender Remote" option within the app which initiates the location beep from the remote.

The Defender Key Fob remote trigger is designed to work with Android mobile phones using Android ver. 4.3 and higher and with iPhone 4s with iOS 5.0 and higher.

There are even practical accessories available for the remote, a pendant mount, a wristband and a belt/shirt clip, so that you have several choices about where to keep the remote depending on your preferences.

Defender Remote pendant mount
  • Range
5 - 25 m
  • Battery type
  • Battery lifespan
Typically 3 months
  • Weight
13 g
  • Size (h x w x d)
32 x 32 x 11mm

You already carry your smartphone with you everywhere anyway, so all you need is Atus Defender from the App Store or the Play Store  and the all new Defender Remote.

Atus Defender - Remote Panic Button

Defender Remote wristband
Defender Remote shirt clip / belt clip
Atus Defender Remote
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