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Zipit Confirm and Zipit RAP

This solution enables secure and reliable two-way messaging using an SSLv3, 256-bit AES, Transport Layer Security (TLS) encrypted channel. It provides delivery confirmation, read receipt, priority-based messaging and alert overrides, helping to ensure reliable delivery with full traceability and accountability.

Users can categorise messages with different alert levels –

  • Mayday Alert

  • High Priority

  • Normal Priority

  • Mailbox Alert

Zipit response table

Critical Messaging - using Zipit® Confirm™

From the secure portal, administrators can deploy messages to unlimited groups and update all devices in the field at any time, to the extent that a single message can be sent to multiple users in just a few seconds regardless of where they are, virtually anywhere in the country!*

In the event of lost mobiles, administrators can help locate them, lock the app or even remotely wipe the secure user data. If a user simply leaves their device at home, they need only log in to the app on another device and their data is automatically downloaded and configured. Unread messages are re-transmitted to the new device and all Zipit® contacts and settings are restored.

* Message receipt depends on network conditions and device availability. Bulk messaging based on processing through the Zipit® Infrastructure.​

Zipit Critical Messaging from Atus Systems

​The solution requires no server or equipment installation on site, just iOS/Android devices with the app installed and your login credentials. 

The rest is all done from the secure online portal. 

How simple is that?​

Zipit® Critical Messaging  -  A solution for almost every sector 

From the Zipit® RAP™ online portal the administrator selects -

  • A priority for the message

  • The validity time period for the message (expiration time)

  • What the responses the users can select from

  • The message they wish to send

An example of the full auditability of the delivered messages, the users responses and timescales are shown below.

An all-encompassing solution

Zipit® provides a critical messaging system that while commonly replacing aging pager technologies, also provides organisations with much more communication capability than a simple pager.

Zipit® Confirm™ converts any iOS or Android device into a critical messaging platform and a highly encrypted cloud-based administration portal, that enables teams to communicate with each other by secure texting, priority messaging (pages) and message dispatch.

The Zipit® RAP™ (Remote Administration Portal) is an online portal that allows administrators to manage communication functionality, simplify deployment and control platform administration.

Communicating across Enterprises : Real-time, secure messaging and reporting

Exclusively available in the UK from Atus Systems

Pagers are losing their support infrastructure and they lack accountability. Texting doesn't communicate urgency and message delivery isn't guaranteed. Radio systems are too conversational and cost precious time. These are common problems for any organisations that have critical communication needs.

Organisations that need to make critical decisions and rely on time-sensitive information need to ensure messages get sent, delivered and acknowledged in record time. This applies whether the message is an emergency call to a rapid response ambulance, a production line down alarm at a factory, or a “snow day” notification from a school headmaster to the teaching staff.

Leveraging our experience in critical communications workflows, best-in-class technology and iOS / Android mobile applications, Zipit® provides two-way communication that is reliable, secure and applicable to any industry.

Implementing the Zipit® Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution™ means:

  • ​Secure and simplified communication between staff with two-way paging and encrypted texting

  • Enhanced rapid response for any call-to-action team with message automation / escalation features

  • Streamlined operations with user / device management, message archives and detailed reports

  • Interoperability through seamless integration with existing alarm and management systems

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