Traditional Pager (Bleep)

. . . and if you only need a panic button with location detection . . .

Atus Systems staff alarms and staff protection

Given how flexible and dynamic these modern solutions are,

your staff won't have to carry all of these now

Panic Button Alarm

Integrated into the system are unique graphical icons and colours which were developed to clearly indicate the type of alarm received and the action to be taken, which decreases the staff response time to any incident.

The system technology keeps track of where the employees are on site and can present that information in a secure control room on a fully interactive graphic interface. By using positioning beacons utilising RFID and RF technology it is possible to precisely locate a user down to a specific room.

These staff alarm technology solutions will maximise staff communication, minimise unnecessary cross-site movement, give prompt alerts to situations as needed and can be used to broadcast emergency messages site-wide if required.

PAL+ Panic Button

. . . we have that covered too!

Cordless Phone
SMART1 all-in-1 handset
C-31xx DECT

The goal with the COBS range of personal security products is to protect and secure your staff. Typical establishments where these systems are deployed are secure children’s homes, detention centres and psychiatric hospitals, where it is crucial to be able to receive detailed alarm information and always to have the ability to communicate with other members of staff quickly.

The COBS range of handsets can alert the user with specific messages based on their location e.g. "Door Locked?",  it can send an alarm if they fall (man-down) or if the guard tour deviates from its normal route. All of this is in addition to having a staff alarm button, an assistance button and the facility to make phone calls for help at any time.

Being able to quickly receive information is often the key to making the right decisions at the right time. So, whether it's a fire alarm from the store room on the 4th floor or a panic alarm from a staff member in a ward, these handsets are just what you need for your establishment.

Staff Radio (Walkie-Talkie)

Now they only need ONE device!

​Your only dilema, is which of these 2 products you will choose!

DECT + Staff Alarm

Staff Alarm Systems - COBS

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